Hello World!

I’ve always wanted to travel and explore the world. It has always been one of my deepest desires.
Being a multi-dimensional personality, I knew that sticking to one traditional career would squash all the happiness within me. I am a free spirit. I love being free to be me and these opportunities, opportunities where I’m exposed to different cultures, where I meet different people and learn their different ways, help me to realise that choosing to be me is probably the best I can ever be. I’m the best ME there could ever be! I the Regalchild.

I’m constantly grateful to God for giving me this opportunity and even more grateful for the opportunity to start with my very own continent: Africa! The Soul of the EARTH.

There’s been so much change within me since the beginning of these trips. All I can say for now is, once you travel Africa, you cannot help but want to spread good news about it. You discover how much harm colonization has caused. You are confronted by your own prejudice views and discomfort about this continent. I also discovered how the schools that I’ve been to, the media I’ve exposed myself to, cultural background, how much of that had shaped so much of my thinking and feelings towards this very continent I am a part of. I am patriotic to South Africa, I love my country of birth. I also do not apologies for how it has shaped me, I do not apologies for the so-called “twang” in my accent, or the love of western music, my appreciation for American and European taste in fashion, food and culture or my love for Japanese Sushi or Indian Curry. I am a child of the world and am grateful for the exposure to these different cultures. But I certainly do not deny my African Heritage. I am a child of AFRICA.

For many years the two were separate.There was Africa and then South Africa. This way it was easier to ignore the reality about the struggles of Africa. But now I am thirsty to learn more and know more about this rich continent. I want to promote us as Africans. For a long time we’ve allowed our perspective and opinions of Africa to be dictated by the media. I truly believe that God has blessed me with this opportunity so that Africa gets a chance to tell it’s own story, it’s to give Africa a canvas to create its own beautiful painting.

I hope, as I discover this mother continent, to grow to appreciate it more, so that one day I can share with my own children the beautiful stories of Africa. That they too may one day travel Africa with awe and love for the continent that God has placed us in.


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