Gift of Music by my fire lighter :)

So the lucky bugger – yep that’s me – finally got my loooooong awaited for new toy! My Very Own Acoustic Guitar!

Not quite music yet, as the title misleadingly implies, but certainly my first “chord” to hopefully many beautiful melodies soon as get past the tricky finger exercise stage of course.

Gift of Music by my fire lighter :)
Gift of Music by my fire lighter 🙂

One of the things I had written down in my “ to do” list for 2010 was to fulfill my desire to play the guitar. Of course, the first step meant I had to get instrument. It’s no use wanting to get a driver’s license if you won’t call the license department to book for  your “learners” – that’s the first step right?
I had been going on about this for years, but 2010 – having firmly decided would be the year I actually listen to my heart instead of neglecting it, I  made a commitment to myself that this beautiful musical instrument would be mine by the end of the first quarter.
So whether it was sticking to my commitment, visualisation, “writing my goals down”, or mere blessedness, a treasured friend of mine fulfilled this desire for me: a regal gift indeed and I will forever treasure it.
Now obviously, I’m no stranger to a musical instrument. I’ve played my fair share of percussion instuments; the upside down pot with wooden spoons, the bucket, the desk and once when I got a promotion in the band: the triangle :). Needless to say, mother never seemed to be too encouraging in this area of talent.
I later advance, playing the recorder and even started with piano lessons at some point. But that’s all in the past now.

Now? Well Now I own my very own anatomically beautiful piece of musical instrument.
Google being my best friend, I’ve already asked a few questions and have since discovered that the music reading dexterity I picked up from my recorder and piano lessons taken in the past, wasn’t going to work quite the same for my new music toy. So, I’ve had to put the “miss know it all” hat aside, I’ve made a commitment to embrace this new learning curve and perhaps in the process also learn the skill of patience – if that’s even possible. I want to be good at this so I’ll certainly be working at it.

Currently she sits looking all pretty beside my bed and when I wake every morning, I think of my friend who got me this guitar and can’t help but be inspired for a new day of new achievements.
But, watch this space! Pretty soon I’ll be updating you on the “ins” and “outs” of fretting and pecking 🙂 of the strings.

Keep your ears tuned 🙂


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