No New Years Resolution and I’ve achieved all!

I’m writing this from Maputo Air Port, whilst waiting  to board on Flight SAA to Jozi. How I can’t wait to land! But there’s still the process of me getting on that flight, and the process of flying. Although It’s only 50 mins away, I would certainly welcome teleporting right now. It’s been a stretching trip.

Boy, how if feels as if the month of April disappeared before I could count to three. It’s already the 20th April 2010, 1st month of 2nd quarter reading the dawn of it’s life.

If you are wondering why I’m referring to April as the 1st month of the 2nd quarter of the year. Well please allow me  to explain , if you don’t really care read on anyway J.

I’ve never really struggled to fulfil my resolutions . Partly because I’ve never made a big deal about making new year resolutions. You see in mind it’s really just simple. In a new year there’s always a few things you are well aware you must achieve, like a final year undergrad knowing pretty well that he needs to study so that he will graduate. You might say , but that doesn’t constitute a  resolution. I could disagree and say  “ Oh but it does”. The only difference here is that you know that it’s rather a must to be done – not much an option. If we applied this mindset to all our other goals, can you imagine how proud you would be of yourself  at the end of the  year. But also note how the resolution was to study not to graduate. The undergraduates commitment is in studying, a POA ( plan of Action) or a TO DO, rather than the final result. This act will lead to the end result J. So often we focus on the end result  that the  “to do” part is neglected. I’m a strong believer of vision and dreaming big. But one has to use the vision to it’s full advantage, let your vision work for you.

Let your Vision give birth to your actions

Do not view your vision in isolation to your actions. Far too often we’ve heard on lotto winners who become millionaires one minute and then back to poverty the next. You see, although many would say ( as I too would), “instant results are welcome here please!”, there’s even “instant wine” these day and I’m a devotee to Woolies ready mades – oh that so heavenly malva pudding with woollies “homemade” custard. Many times we miss out on the value of the process to that ending, that vision. As you act towards your goals, you are being prepared for that final goal.  My pastor once shared something similar : we are master pieces in the making. The process of getting there is just as important if not more.

So yes it’s true I don’t and have never had New Year’s resolutions, and have achieved all of them J. In other words , I don’t write down a list of my new years resolutions ( in fact I’m not sure what people do, oh how they do it), but I have a to do list for every quarter of the year. Everything I do in that list leads me to my final goal. But very often, because I actually focus so much on my to do list, I make it fun and inviting.  I involve people every now and then and sometimes it’s jus about me.

Reviews and Celebrations

I do quarterly reviews on my progress and I celebrate my little “Done’s”. I think about my End Goal to inspire and motivate me again, and then create a new to do list. It becomes fun because of the little victories leading to that end goal. This way my big goal doesn’t seem so cumbersome and intimidating, and therefore discouraging. Instead I get excited about it each time I see my progress. I encourage you to try the same. It doesn’t have to be over a year ( this will always depend on the goal). If you have other useful methods, please do be generous and share.

Tools & Resources

Make use of the tools you have.

  1. Use Microsoft Outlook to it’s fullest potential. I have a windows mobile phone that integrates to my Windows OS on my laptop for Microsoft outlook. So whilst working on my laptop, I may think of  a “To Do” and I’ll immediately add a note on my tasks list. It will integrate to Phone so I’ll always have a reminder. This works vice versa too, so I have constant reminders. What’s great about it is that you can set a start and due date, have priority status and even monitor the progress using percentages. Careful though not to be too rigid. I’m rather flexible about some things so I don’t always have start dates. I just know that I has to be done before the end of each quarter
  2. Expose yourself with dreamers that ACT on their DREAMS – they’ll make ok for you to dream and also encourage you to do something’s about it. Read more on Exposing Yourself ( from Seth’s Blog. I couldn’t have agreed more!
  3. Have an accountability partner. This has to be someone you can trust with your dreams and visions.  I have an accountability Partner, but most of my Big Goals I share with God. I feel like as my Dad, He will understand my reasons for my dreams to own “cottage like” house instead of some huge gigantic manor. He will not judge my dreams as unambitious, or if I say I want to compete with the likes of Bill Gates in business, He will not say: “ Young Lady, that’s a little beyond you don’t you think, little over ambitious maybe?”.
  4. & every day wake up with a purpose that involves your to do list. By making this a habit I bet you you’ll be writing back to me and sharing your own success stories.

But most of all, don’t lose focus, be willing to sacrifice a little for that bigger rewards and have confidence in your ability to achieve your dreams.

I’m about to board, flying  back home. It’s been a stretching trip.  But I’m still in one piece.  J Ciao!


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