The Meaning of Hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup!

I  had the privilage of reading this amazing facebook note by Chuma Kave. Loved it so much I had to share it on Regalchild of Africa…


There will never be a time like this, ever, in my lifetime. This is the moment where not only dreams are made of but a moment where critical questions will need answers. This is the moment where today’s generation of men and women will need to look beyond the hype, the noise, the fever and start asking “who’s gonna pick up the shovel after the final whistle is blown?”.

The World Cup is the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world. Matt Stone, Fifa’s head of new media says “Football is the world’s biggest sport, so the world will practically stop for the month of the World Cup”. This means all eyes will be on this vibrant country of ours and this beautiful continent. This is the moment. This is the moment when Africa will stun the world for its sheer capability, excellence and hard-work. This is the moment that will dispel all the lies on who we are and what we can do. That, we, as Africans can never produce and can never deliver, excellently and on time. In his presentation to Fifa at the time of our bidding, former President Mbeki said “This is an African journey of hope – hope that, in time, we will arrive at a future when our continent will be free of wars, refugees and displaced people, free of tyranny, of racial, ethnic and religious divisions and conflicts, of hunger, and the accumulated weight of centuries of the denial of our human dignity”.

I hope we are the generation that will carry the weight. A generation that will not allow this continent to be placed, again, among the hopeless and futile. I hope we’ll be the young people that will pull our socks and build on whatever the event leaves behind to an Africa that is proud, productive and free.

Chuma Kave


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