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I’ve struggled to wake in the mornings, not because I don’t love my job or love it here – it’s still too early to decide. I keep on wondering if I’m really ready for all of this. The change.

While all this is going on, a little voice in my head starts speaking to me ( yes I’m a little nut case sometimes, I hear voices in my head and stuff 🙂 ).

Voice: “You know that tall skinny dude, the one who made “Yes We CAN” the slogan of his US presidency campaign?”

Me: “ehhh  ja…”

Voice: “Well, let me tell you a little story about him. He once was just an ordinary boy. His ancestors come from these parts of the world. In fact apparently his grandmother walks these streets now and then, well at least that’s what the guys from here seem to like boasting about and I keep on thinking to myself poor ol’ lady – once she used to walk these streets peacefully unknown, then that tall skinny dude disturbed all her peace. Shame on him! :)” I digress.

“That same tall skinny dude, he is now leading one of the most powerful nations of the world – b’cause he believed.”



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