The Myth of the Burning Bras!

Those silly women and their burning bras! What was wrong with keeping them on?  We still wear stupid bras anyway! For some of us a necessary affair if we are to achieve that “C-cup” special visual  effect 🙂 .

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Why couldn’t they keep their bras on? You see, before then, all I’d have needed to worry about would have been maintaining a petite body, an Audrey Hepburn classic style, a beautiful  white picket fenced house, my 2,5 children, my big shaggy dog and a nice home cooked meal for my husband to come home to after a long day’s work.

But No! That was not enough!

Since those silly bra burning days, women have had to take on more than just cooking for the husband.

Nowadays, when the boys have their gossip sessions boy’s night out, they proudly compete on who has the best girl. The winner: the guy who after a nice night out with the boys, get’s home to a home cooked meal, kids bathed and tightly tucked in bed and a night of awesome fireworks. The very next morning, that same awesome domesticated goddess, loving mother and sex kitten, is the very same one in her tailored suit, sitting on the board of directors in some top notch blue chip company! And to package this beautifully we’ve called her – superwoman! This is a guys’ dream. It’s what they strive for – their ultimate woman. Ask any guy who is willing to be honest with himself.

Yes, I think we’ve proven we can do pretty much anything, so much so that we’ve become slaves to the superwoman brand, as if Christopher Reeves has not done a superb job already. With all that said, women never seize to amaze me.  God has blessed us tremendously. We have fought the harshest challenges and we still rise above it all!

This is why, despite the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, I can still say Happy Women’s month! I believe it should be everyday! And to those silly women who burnt their bras in the 60s, I guess I have to show a little understanding. After all, it was only in 1977 that Victoria’s Secrets was started. Now, had your man bought you a nice sexy, youthful and romantic lovely pair of Vickie’s bloomers and brassiere, I highly doubt it would have gone down in flames!

Happy Women’s Month to all!

P.S I found out recently that the burning of the bras never really took place. Its actually is a myth.

…On September 7, 1968, a “Freedom Trash Can” was placed on the ground, and filled with bras, high-heeled shoes, false eyelashes, girdles, curlers, hairspray, makeup, corsets, magazines (such as Playboy), and other items thought to be “instruments of torture,”[43] accouterments of enforced femininity. Someone suggested lighting a fire, but a permit could not be obtained, and so (contrary to the subsequent urban legend) there was no burning, nor did anyone take off her bra.…  for more :


4 thoughts on “The Myth of the Burning Bras!

  1. This is the perfect post and may be one that is followed up to see what happens

    A colleague e-mailed this link the other day and I will be desperately awaiting your next post. Keep on on the first-rate work.

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