Sharlto Copley’s Make things Happen Nedbank Ad Campaign

“We’ve all done it. We decide we want something to happen and then… we wait. We wait for a sign, or for someone to tell us to “Go ahead and do it!” That we have permission. Or we hope that by sheer chance that very thing we want will create itself. That it’ll tap dance in to our lives and say “Surprise!” Then, nothing happens. So we watch TV and make fancy plans, waiting ’til we have the money or enough time before that elusive ‘lucky break’. Or sometimes we’re waiting to feel a little braver. For our fears and doubts to disappear. But there’ll always be something else to wait for; until we face the simple truth. That thing we want is on hold, because it’s up to us. We’re waiting for ourselves. Things don’t just happen on their own.”

This is a script from the new Nedbank’s “Make things Happen” Ad campaign. It features actor and screenwriter Sharlto Copley, the breakthrough star from District 9 who went on to play Murdoch in the A-Team movie. I think he’s awesome!

Before this advert, even though I’d seen the “make it happen” Nedbank slogan, it had never really caught my eye. In fact, with my goldfish attention span, it’s rather on rare occasions that I’ll even get to see the A to Z of any TV ad.  It’s either I’ve been watching too much TV lately or  this ad is truly brilliant.I’ll go for the latter 😉 .

It speaks!

It’s a powerful reminder that we are truly responsible for our own destiny.

Just had to share it! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Sharlto Copley’s Make things Happen Nedbank Ad Campaign

  1. Clearly this is exactly what you’ve done with your life. I’ve seen a few of your posts and it all seems very exciting. Please let me know more about what you do? How you got into it. I would love to see more of Africa, but like this advert says I’m waiting for more money or that elusive break. Mail me if you an please

    1. Hi Janine,

      Thank you for your comment and taking time to visit It’s quite interesting that I find that in life we fear the things we want the most. So many times we find ourselves achieving things we’ve never aspired for, but that little long lived dream is what we somehow always find reason not to persuit. But more and more I find myself learning that if it is a burning desire in my heart, it is something I must do. And when you start focusing on it and somehow commiting to making it happen, somehow all roads lead to it. You have to commit to your dream. I’m still learning that lesson.
      I’ve always wanted to see Africa, infact I’m in persuit of the world 🙂 . Lucky for me I found a job in a consulting busines and it is through this that I’ve been able to travel. It has not been smooth sailing, but good or bad it’s been quite an adventure. I continue to learn.

  2. Wow i am so in love with this Nedbank ‘make things happen’ slogan, i’ve been telling my students ‘its high time we stand up and making things happen, no body is responsible for someone else achievement but our own selves… I have alot to say, big up to every Nedbank account holder.

    1. Hi Siya,
      Thank you for visiting . The most empowering and perhaps frightening thing about life is the discovery that truly we alone are responcible to make things happen for ourselves.
      Life is alone an opportunity to fulfil and pursue the goals we’ve set out for ourselves.
      And more importantly that we need to honour our dreams, commit to them and then work our lives fulfilling them.
      Recently I realised that My worst fear in life is waking up to realised that I had dreams but allowed fear to prevent me from pursuing them.
      Life is too short. Life is a gift and opportunity for everyone to make their own mark. There’s room for everyone :).
      This Nedbank Ad, is my constant reminder of that.

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