New Theme

Ok, So I’m guilty of abandoning my blog. For a reason.

I’ve been looking for ways to streamline my posts. This year I want to add more value to my writing and for my readers. I want to share what Regalchild is about and where Regalchild comes from. In the next few weeks I’ll be introducing the theme. I’m  on a project in Nigeria, the heat is on ( as in temperature), work pressures and deadlines! It’s crazy!

But my eyes have been opened  – will tell you all about that later…  🙂


4 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. Hi Regal Child! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! I’m always eager to meet other African bloggers. How is Nigeria? I lived there for a short period when I was a child.

    The only pieces of advice I have for streamlining posts is to use tags and to write them using Windows Live Writer. Blogging comes as easy as writing an email then!

    1. Hi Emm,
      So glad you visited Regalchild blog ( it’s so encouraging – thank you). I must say I struggle to make time to write ( something I really enjoy by the way).
      I’m really happy I to have accidentally found your blog. I’m so hungry to know more and somehow gain understanding on what’s happened to this continent.
      So please continue doing what you do.

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