67 Minutes – Nelson Mandela Day

As Tata Madiba celebrates his 93rd Birthday, we honour him by dedicating sixty-seven minutes of service to selfless service, remembering the 67years of service he dedicated to South Africa.

In 2008, celebrating his 90th Birthday in London’s Hyde Park, International Nelson Mandela Day was born. This, to honour the man who dedicated 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of all humanity.

Cheesekids, an organisation by young people, who dedicate their time and resources giving a helping hand to communities in need, in partnership with Old Mutual and Young Blood@5, got together  to mobilise other like-minded young people who want to make a difference in society. There were many activities one could choose from including ; painting of school classrooms, gardening, washing clothes, reading to children, soup kitchen for the homeless and others.

It’s was most encouraging to see so many willing hands and the highly spirited young people whose genuine desire was to make this world a better place for all. I’m truly encouraged by the hearts of Young South Africans.

The truth is it take more than 67 minutes to make a difference. It took 67 years for Nelson Mandela. However, by having such initiatives, we begin to adopt and encourage a culture of service in our communities. If I want to see an improvement in my own society, I must be willing to play a role in that change. 67 minutes of service on Nelson Mandela Day just helps us to remember that we are not on this earth just for ourselves, but for a greater good. I am a beneficiary of the 67 years of Madiba’s service and now want to be part of a positive legacy for the future South Africa.

Picture courtesy of :http://www.mandeladay.com/static/about-mandela-day

“Be the Change You Want To See in The world” ~ Gandhi.


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