2011 Flash Back

Year 2011: The ice queen melted and became an emotional wreck – Thank You Sharon for being my pillar of strength.
Year 2011: I witnessed loved ones go through immense pain. To my loved ones, thank you for teaching me strength and will to go on.
Year 2011: I found myself in the middle of post-election crisis in Kaduna, North of Nigeria – Thank you God for teaching me about the kindness of humanity.

Year 2011: I Canal Cruised on Amstel River, visited “coffee shops” that didn’t sell Coffee in Amsterdam, enjoyed a picnic under the Eiffel Tower, another cruise on River Seine in France, played like a 6-year-old in Disney, hiked the Alps in Switzerland, finally saw the Michelangelo’s David in Florence, explored the Vatican City in Rome and enjoyed a little shopping in Dubai. – Thank You Hazel & Pumeza for being a part of this treasured memory. *Let’s do it again soon :)*

2011 Highlight - my 1st visit in Europe.
"I Luv U rope" Cheers to travelling the rest of the world! ~ Regalchild Pictures

Thanks to the Sharlto Copley’s Make things Happen Nedbank ad campaign, it has become a reminder that, it is up to me to make my own dreams happen.

Year 2011: I returned to Love: swimming, painting, and writing – Exploring my passion.
Year 2011: I learned that it’s ok to change my mind, it’s ok to want a different life and it’s ok to pursue it even if the rest of the wold may not understand.

Year 2011: My mom is still my biggest inspiration to living life. I love you mom. Thank you God for watching over her.

Like The YEAR, LIFE has seasons.

This year I’ve chosen to live in the constant expectation of good. I’ve chosen to be an optimist. I’ve learned that not everything goes as planned, yet I continue to plan. I’d rather be ready for an opportunity that never happens, than miss it because I lacked the faith of it coming my way. I dont fear to dream big, hope for more, expect the best. I don’t fear disappointment anymore. I now take the lessons that come with it, smile and continue to pursue greatness. Greatness according to my own definition, not that of the worlds.

“Who am I not to be brilliant, talented, gorgeous and fabulous(famous). My Playing small does not save the world…”
“…Born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within me.”

I choose to look at life with the brightest of lenses. I know it is a roller coaster – that is the story of my life. But I plan to enjoy the ride and when I’m at my lowest, it’s my faith in my Regal Father and his amazing love and grace that keeps me going. And each new day is truly a gift and an opportunity to manifest his glory within me. Untill the Lord says “it is done “, I will continue to live life to the fullest.

A Blessed 2012 to all.



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