Insane Euphoria

Great Expectations
Great Expectations - Picture by Michal Marcol

So I’m enjoying the last few minutes of the first month of 2012, doing what I love – writing :).

I can’t believe it’s only been a month into the New Year, yet already life changing events have taken place. I bid farewell to the father of a very close friend of mine, he was good man. His passing  has impacted how I view life, possibly forever. I suppose it was observing those closest to him, watching the pain they were going through that broke my heart the most. I truly hate watching people I love and care about suffer.

I’ve also just done my first “out of country” travel for the year. This trip has been good. I’ve met interesting people (people that I actually like ;)) and had a chance to explore the place a little. My mind has been expanded.

and to think it’s only been a month …

This is exactly how time flies. We get all excited about the new year, make great plans, are highly motivated, then we go back to work. The reality of work pressures begin all over again.  We get back to the same routine and soon all that excitement of the New Year, the new things, the great plans, that seemed so possible, suddenly fizzle out. We are faced with daily realities that convince us, that just maybe all those dreams, those goals, all those moments where we felt all things were possible, were merely feelings of euphoria.  Consequential symptoms of holiday festivities that alter perception, putting us in a constant state of ‘high’ thus making us believe, without a shadow of doubt, that we are able to make the impossible, possible.

Insance Euphoria. Picture by:sakhorn38

Well, perhaps it was a mad case of insane euphoria induced by the over intoxication of holiday madness.

I don’t care.

All I know is that I loved that feeling. I loved being in the constant state of happiness, constant state of great expectations, a constant state of miracles. I loved the fact that, it is when we are insanely positive, confident, strong in faith, free from fears of failure, we believe in the absolute possibility of all dreams , that were are motivated to work at them, pursue them and make them happen. So, even as we officially go back into the ‘system’, I choose to remember these moments so that I may continue on my journey to fulfill the dreams that God has placed in my heart.

Explore.Dream.Discover – Mark Twain

Happy New Month! – February 2012 😉


Picture: Michal Marcol



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