To Risk the Fall

“A relationship that has any depth and power at all will inevitably penetrate our usual shield of defenses, exposing our most tender and sensitive spots, and leaving us feeling vulnerable – literally, ‘able to be wounded.’ To love, in this sense, is to open ourselves to being hurt. The dream of love would have us believe that something is wrong if a relationship causes us pain. Yet trying to avoid the wound of love only creates a more permanent kind of damage. It prevents us from opening ourselves fully, and this keeps us from ever forming a deeply satisfying intimate connection.” – John Welwood


love is...

Ok, I have a confession to make: I envy impulsive hearts. Those people whose hearts dominate the mind. I truly believe they have the greatest experience of the feeling of love. I imagine that’s how my regal father loves me. Without limits. Without guarantee.With a great risk of rejection and hurt. Still, he loves.

Recently, a good friend and mentor of mine reminded me about allowing oneself to experience deep connection and meaningful relationships, after I’d mentioned something about not allowing myself to get attached to people. Although I didn’t indulge her on this discussion, she got me thinking. I know I don’t ever want to limit myself from the full experience of the beauty of life and love, yet I might have been doing exactly that – limiting myself.

Love means to commit oneself without guarantee”. ― Erich Fromm

Does one really have to risk the fall, just to know how it feels to fly? hmmmm…

Have yourself a beautiful Valentine’s Day . I trust cupid wont be crossed eyed this time 😉 .


pic by: koratmember


One thought on “To Risk the Fall

  1. Dear friend, how can you envy someone that is always at risk???
    there’s no way you desire to be like this, we love, but we also live on the edge of a fall.
    Nothings is granted, looks like we don’t have nothing to lose, we do, and we tend to lose more than those who live by the reason!
    my life is a mess, but my heart is worst, much worst!!!
    though i do believe that every soul does have its pair…. sometimes one life time is not enough to find it 🙂

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