Queen of My Heart

Age is a funny thing. The older I get the more emotional I’ve become. The more my perspective has changed but also, the more I just love the woman my soul chose to call mom.


When I was younger I hated going to my mom’s work in school uniform – she liked to show me off – it was embarrassing. That hasn’t changed. She still loves to tell her friends about how proud of me she is and I still go red with embarrassment. But these days I manage it better. I’ve learnt to understand that any blessing of mine, is something to celebrate for her.
There’s no other human on earth who dreams bigger for me than this woman. It’s sometimes overwhelming how I can be loved so much. Me, stubborn, self-righteous, know-it-all, vain, cheeky, lazy daughter. Yet, still she loves me perfectly.

Life has taught me to appreciate these precious moments, for like an hour glass the last grain of sand does eventually go through and then that’s it. That’s scary, especially when you know that this is the only person on earth who can love you the way she loves you. I pray that I may celebrate many wonderful Mother’s Days with her and even with her great grand children. Thinking of many I know who grew up without this kind of love or who lost their moms, I know that mine is a generous request.

So for every second God blesses me with her presence, I am grateful.




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