“These are a few of my favourite things”

 ” DO – a deer, a female deer. RE – a drop of golden sun…”. This was the song ringing in my head just two Saturdays ago. It was a child-like excitement and nostalgic feeling of being back in school music class. I had a wonderful music teacher in preparatory who left a beautifully lasting impression in my heart. But it was also because the day had finally come for me to go see the much anticipated musical I had booked for two months back.


I hate getting excited about things. I have one of the most wonderfully wild imaginations that have the capacity to create the most amazing experiences in my mind, thus creating such high expectations often not easily met by average human beings. I had been hibernating in my cave studying for weeks, so I really couldn’t help the child-like excitement I was feeling that Saturday.

The show however, was beyond my wildest imaginations! It possibly is one of the best musicals I’ve been to in a while. The stage set was breathtaking and the cast,  absolutely stunning! It was really beautifully done. I’m truly impressed with the kind of talent this country has. Such excellence! This show is a must see!



The last show at Monte Casino’s Theatro was the 8th and the show has now moved to Cape Town. So if you are in Cape Town, do check it out at the Artscape Theatre. You will not  be disappointed!



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