Vuyo -The Big Dreamer

There are those TV ads that leave a long lasting impression in my mind. Like the  Sharlto Copley’s Make Things Happen Nedbank Ad campaign a couple of  years ago. These adverts are meant to create not just a mental indent, but compel one to get up and act on their desired dreams. Yet so few of us do. I wonder if there is indeed a special factor, that “X” factor that those who dare to follow their dreams have.

Remember that Hansa Pilsner ad campaign featuring a granny talking proudly about his grandson Vuyo, the “beeg, beeg, dreamer”?

Well years later the fictional character was realised by a real Big Dreamer : Miles Khubeka.

I had the pleasure of meeting with him today at a Home Design Expo at Blue Hills Estate in Midrand.

Blue Hills Estate is one of those dreamy places I’d love to live in one day. So I had dragged one of my awesome friends to go ” window shop” the beautiful homes and designs. Although the expo was less than I expected, something else grabbed my curiosity; A gourmet boerie stall.

It was serviced by a team of enthusiastic guys and “Vuyo”was right there interacting with customers and ensuring that things were running smoothly.  It was these three things that stood out to me: great presentation, great food and great service. It only occurred to me later that it was Vuyo’s ( The Big Dreamer) Stall.  A lovely young guy who was once into software and now into food, as he briefly shared his story.  

What I liked is that we didn’t choose to buy from him because of the brand, as if to say we are ” supporting a young entrepreneur”, but we were drawn to the product offering, which for me says a lot about the quality of the brand. And a good choice we made because the boeries were delicious!

Pic from:
Pic from:

I’ve decided I’ll be dragging friends to Braamfontein very soon to try out the rest of the menu at Vuyo’s.

It’s very inspiring to meet people like Vuyo (Miles Khubeka). I’m always curious what it is about these Big Dreamers that makes them get up and actually bring their dreams to life. Is there a specific hidden DNA molecule that propels other people to boldly follow their dreams more than others? I’m on  a mission to find out. This is yet another reminder  that our dreams are indeed valid.

Here’s to the Dreamers and Doers of SA!   Regalchild salutes you!


“…wouldn’t it be nice, if raindrops turned to jelly tots…”


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