I Laugh in the Face of Danger

There was a time I used to hate going into an exam room. I’d have serious panic attacks. I’d be so anxious, I’d go blank. This caused me to abandon my studies for fear was just too crippling. I had let fear imprison me from my goals.

But a lot has changed since then. I’ve learned and am still learning, to break free from the shackles of fear.

Photocredits: http://pridelandprince.tumblr.com/
Photocredits: http://pridelandprince.tumblr.com/

One of my favourite lines from the Lion King by Simba: ” I laugh in the face of danger.” is my own new approach to the things that make me scared. It’s a brave approach and I’ve soon realised the truth that the realisation of my dreams and goals lies in the overcoming of my fears.

Writing exams has since become a rather exciting event for me. Although always a stressful period in my life, every exam season is one step closer to my goal. Everytime I walk into that exam room, I’m grateful for the opportunity to succeed, because that’s what it is.
Exams, life trials, tests, challenges are merely an opportunity to overcome.

I’m writing my first exam today and although I’m anxious, I’m also excited, because each exam completed successfully brings me closer to my goal!

Photo credits: motivationalquotesbest.blogspot.com
Photo credits: motivationalquotesbest.blogspot.com

Sending positive energy to all who are writing exams this season. May the grace of God encapsulate you as you prepare with diligence and write each paper with confidence and faith, knowing you are not alone!

Yes We Can!

Let’s do this!


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