I’m dreaming of a bright & sunny Christmas

South African Christmases are probably one of the best in the world. I admit this is a biased view since I’ve only ever celebrated Christmas here. But with all the sunshine, the beaches, the bikini parties and cocktails, you can’t blame me for thinking we have it good. I do though, feel like we haven’t shared this enough with the rest of the world. Our foods and typically South African Christmas traditions need to be documented and celebrated. We need to have more summer Christmas carols and build more sandmen and sandcastles instead of snowmen.

” Do you want to build a sandman?”. Olaf needs to meet his African relatives, they’ll sure give him the best warm hugs.


I’m getting ready for 07:30 Church service for the biggest birthday celebration ever. Christ’s Annual Birthday Party!

So, let me get on with it. Have yourself a bright & sunny little Christmas full of ice-cold cocktails, braai-meat, chakalaka salad third coursed with jelly and custard  and if you are reading this from the Northern hemisphere, enjoy the snow and eggnog!

Let the Christ birthday celebrations begin!

Merry Christmas!


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