I wana be a part of it!

Every year I remind myself of a promise I made a few years ago – To be part of the ball drop at a New Year’s Eve  party on TimeSquare.

I’ve been working on a personal project that has been taking a while to complete. I made a solemn vow that the day walk out of my Upper East side holiday apartment, whistle at the yellow cab and  instruct: “take me to Time Square please”, it would be the 31st December 201_ and I know I would be celebrating achieving project X successfully.

Yesterday I woke up to good news, the kind of news that make one dance spontaneously, jump in the air and pretend to be a ballerina doing a grand jeté.

I’ve been singing happy tunes in my happy little  heart since. I’m getting closer and closer to completing project X.

Which kind of means it will not be long till I greet Lady Liberty.

In the mean time though, I’m counting down in my beloved South Africa and the weather is beautiful. Quite excited for this coming year, I have a full calendar awaiting :).


Happy New Year!

2015 – I’m ready!

Let’s do this!


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