The star in that romantic comedy

Found this pic I took of his tattoo while working on my photography project. 🙂

I once featured in a romantic comedy. The main character a childhood crush that I had accidentally run into years later at a mall. A mall I only go to when I’m hoping not to run into anyone I know,  because it’s the worst mall in the north and no self respecting person should be spending their monies there. That day, I wasn’t self respecting. It being close to home, I figured I could just pop into a Forever New & Woolies and pop out as quickly as I could, without much notice. In fact I was so focused on getting these tasks ticked off my list, I didn’t even recognise him when he came up to say hello that day.

But a few weeks later we were flying high (or rather I was flying high) on life having the craziest and probably most out of character time ever. It was fun. I was addicted.

But then, like most addictions, the day we called it quits, went all cold turkey I hit a serious low.

Great guy though.

For the strangest reason, he disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. Pity, he was crazy fun, I think we’d have been good friends. Now it’s as if he had just been a figment of my imagination. Maybe he was.

I suppose that’s what makes it comedy.


Just a figment…

Gnyt fellas

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